Creative Writing

I have a degree in creative writing and publishing. Does that make me a writer? Jury’s still out.

I’ve always wanted a safe space to share my writing, but I face that typical affliction – I hate anyone else reading it. Writing has always been a very closed process for me, allowing classes of people to step into my world was difficult to accept at uni.

I draw on a lot of personal experiences and through the written word, allow myself to explore my emotions safely. I used to find it hard to discuss how I felt, putting pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard in a quiet corner eased my mind. It made my feelings more tangible. I hope somethings resonate with you.

I’m not a flouncy writer, that you will likely realise. Pieces may be dark, emotional and raw – so take this as your tigger warning.

Below is a collection of short stories, poems, longer form. Please let me know your thoughts.

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