If you’ve skimmed or blatantly ignored the About Me, section of my website, I don’t blame you. While I may furrow my brow at you in sarcastic distaste, I can also understand not giving a shit. 

However, and my sincere apologies, it seems you’ve invested in reading my nonsense and in that, I implore you to learn a little bit about me along the way. 

I have a degree in Creative Writing and Publishing. I’d love to say I feel like a writer of sorts, but alike everything in my life I have a firm sense of imposter syndrome. Probably just adulthood in general. To say I have a degree, a job and a car is a little unnerving, especially when I think about the state of my bedroom and my affinity to not wearing underwear. 

Alas, I indeed spent a good chunk of my time studying writing. Learning craft and firmly nuzzled in books of all kinds. My love for fiction helped in my younger years when I distinctly disliked those people around me and needed an escape to happier worlds. Somehow in my latter years, that escape has manifested itself into a love of dystopian literature, which figures.

I feel like I flit in and out of reading nowadays. Life has taken over and the majority of what I read happens on a beach for one or two weeks of my year. I’m trying to reignite my love and ensure I set aside time away from screens, to nose dive into fictional universes. Below are reviews of books I’ve read, admire, want to read and more. As always, I hope you enjoy.


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Books of 2020

A comprehensive list of everything I’ve read this year. (Will continue to update).

June 11, 2020