I have always adored baking. As I’ve grown up, my sweet tooth has dwindled slightly, but my love of baking reigns on. After nearly two years working in a cafe as a baker and barista when I was 17 and completing my A-Levels, it’s no wonder. My all time favourite thing is a three-tier Victoria sponge. My nanny Rose was famed for her recipe and I think growing up it was a staple bake.

I find the art of baking therapeutic, if not a little messy. Music on loud, comfies on and flour everywhere. I’m currently living at home and my mum has OCD, so it’s always interesting to see her reaction when the baking cupboard gets opened.

Below are some of my trials and tribulations in the kitchen. I hope you enjoy them and please let me know if you ever try any of the recipes!

Latest Sweet Recipes