I’ve always had a tumultuous relationship with food, but, I love it. I truly believe that cooking and baking is an art form. If you don’t enjoy your time in the kitchen I ask you to reflect on why? What about it do you not enjoy. Is it finding the time, flavour combos, lack of knowledge?

I am no chef nor do I whip up dishes worthy of a michelin star, my preference lies in simple healthy meals. Balanced and nutritious, yet packed full of flavour. My bakes range from low calorie to who cares, and I love experimenting with new flavours and ingredients.

I am indeed a slapdash cook who, without fail, will deviate from the recipe in some way.

You’ll find a huge variety of ideas within the recipes below – from vegan and veggie to coeliac friendly, thanks to my gluten and wheat intolerant mother. I don’t exclude anything from my diet, but try my best to opt for vegan / veggie alternatives where possible and limit my intake of animal products. Usually most recipes are easily adaptable to suit dietary requirements – but if you ever have any questions just pop me a message or DM me on insta!

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