I feel incredibly lucky that through my work on Instagram, I am afforded the opportunity to work with incredible brands. Every company I work with, their products and/or services, I wholeheartedly believe in and support.

I have been an ambassador for the protein company Free Soul since January 2020. Their protein is by far the best I have ever tried, and over the years I’ve tried a lot.

Taste, blend and service blows everything else out of the water.

My discount code is FSHVROSE for 15% off, if you do ever want to try it. Please let me know if you do – I’d love to hear.

Oh Lo Dough, you wizards of the low calorie treats. I’ve been an ambassador since February 2020 and genuinely LOVE their products. Their dough is so versatile and only 39 calories a piece. Not to mention their southern style chicken coating and brownie mix!

My discount code is HR10 for 10% off. If you do ever try or buy I’d love you to let me know!

I’ve been working with Degusta Box for the best part of a year and absolutely adore it. This monthly delivery includes newly launched products and new brands to try – I’ve never been disappointed by a box and love using it all in recipes. Here’s some examples with products from the boxes:

A recent partnership, but one that I’m really excited about is the UK arm of Califia Farms. Selling milk alternatives, from soy and almond to cold brew coffees – I’m thrilled to be developing recipes with these guys.

Here’s some recipes so far:

When Fitbit reached out and invited me to join as one of their #FitBitFriends it was a bit of a pinch me moment. New to the scene, I’m currently getting involved in the #GoodMoves challenge as part of #TeamJames to encourage people to stay active and keep moving in lockdown!

Amongst the brands I work with on a regular basis, I have also had the pleasure of working alongside / collaborating with:

Kelloggs, Magnum, Pip & Nut, Trek Bars, Organic Basics, Fre Skin, Botanics Skincare, Whitworths, Nescafe Azera, Bare Kind, Street Kitchen, Foga, Abakus Foods, Chromozoom, Creative Nature, Urban Fruit, Personalised Protein Co, Human Food etc.

If you’re a brand or company who’d like to discuss partnerships or collabs – please get in touch!