About Me

Author Hannah V Rose

Hannah, 23, Kent.

Drinks too much coffee. Has had Tinder periodically for 2 years. Likes weights. Knee does not like weights. Once hated food. Now loves food. Writes, sometimes.

I’ve been writing and rewriting my about page for days. How do I sound professional and sophisticated, while being approachable and humorous. I mean, I should know – I spent three years studying a creative writing degree. Well, creative writing and publishing to be exact. But, it’s hard.

I’ve been wanting to write a blog for years, but to be be honest, I’ve often wondered why people would care. Even I get bored halfway through writing and often just abandon ship, leaving behind a graveyard of half-written pieces and one way conversations I can never quite work my way back into. I edit and rewrite pieces into oblivion, without ever being happy with them. I’m hoping this will change.

I guess I need to tell you a little bit about myself though, don’t I? I wish I could take you out for overpriced coffee and we could talk and laugh and compare stories about life and love. But, what we have is here and now.

I’m Hannah and I will try my hardest not to make this sound like a cringey dating profile. The reason I’ve started this blog is simple, I’m an oversharer. I used to be quite shy and I’m not quite sure at which point in my life I shifted over. I want this website to be an extension of myself, somewhere you can get involved, have a chat, read a little. It’s a safe space – nothing phases me. 

I’ve never been small. Big boned, they used to call it. I was bullied, like a lot of you might have been. I developed issues around food and my teenage years were difficult. I used to compete in dance, yet no amount of exercise appeared to help – because ultimately the issues lie within me and the society we live in. As I grew up, those insecurities never left and manifested themselves into more toxic behaviours – but I’m sure I’ll go into more detail soon.

Throughout adolescence, through to uni and still in this very moment I have struggled with body image, confidence and all the rest.

I found solace in weight training, the gym and feeling strong and powerful. I love exploring what my body is capable of, minus the 2 year blip with knee surgery, and breaking down boundaries of what is still expected of women today. We are making waves, but there is still a whole heap of pressure. Not just for girls, definitely guys too, but obviously my opinions are a little more angled towards my experience as a straight woman.

So, I want to share my passions with you all. From food and fitness to everything in between. Those 3am writing sessions with a glass of wine, shower thoughts and random ponderings will all be included at some point here.

This is a project I wanted to start a long time ago, but I’m so happy that it’s happening now.

I hope you join my journey in this weird digital sphere, maybe in real life also. But, thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you enjoy.

* I am not qualified in anything other than evidently being a bit opinionated. Please read everything I write with that in mind and although I am always here and happy for a chat, if you feel like you need help – please speak to the pros!

Also rest assured, I will always give my honest opinions on any product or service I share.