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Vegan Biscoff and White Chocolate Ice Cream

You guys seemed to love my vegan ice cream bar recipe the other day, so we’re back with a twist. That twist is Biscoff. Biscoff is King.

The true spirit of home-baking is that nothing ever really goes according to plan. But, that’s what makes homemade so much more fun than store bought (if you ignore the added cost, mess and cleaning :))). If all else fails when you’re baking, just slap the title of rustic on it, sprinkle some icing sugar and there you have it.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a shortage of crunchy Biscoff in the Covid world, so firstly, we had to make our own. I say we. It’s the royal we. I am living at home with my parents who try to ignore me when I’m in the kitchen as much as humanly possible to save their sanity from the mess. Anyway, making it isn’t hard. We shall get to it in due course. Secondly, I always, always make too much. So we have both ice cream lollies and scoop-able ice cream. Take your pick. Both as delicious, but the latter means you don’t need to invest in any moulds – you just need a loaf tin.

This recipe may be vegan, but it doesn’t taste vegan. You can thank Elmlea for producing one banging double cream substitute. And obviously Lotus, for just well, being lotus. Those damn biscuits and spreads are a thing of heavenly beauty.

They may not be the prettiest, but don’t judge an ice cream by its exterior. That’s the saying right?


? 100g vegan white chocolate. 50g for melting, the rest as chunky chunks.
? 50g Rice Krispies (I doubt you’ll even need this much)
? 1 pot (270ml) vegan double cream. I used Elmlea.
? 150g Icing sugar (sift it babes)
? 150g Biscoff spread melted (preferably crunchy)
? Lotus biscuits


You can either make this recipe as ice lollies, or a tub to scoop. Whatever takes your fancy, or whatever you have at home. I bought some silicon ice cream moulds. But, I’m also an idiot who cannot resist random kitchen utensils – most people don’t have them lying around. Whichever you use obviously impacts this recipe a touch – I’ll explain when and where as we go.

  1. First things first, melt 150g biscoff spread. If it isn’t crunchy, you can add chopped up lotus biscuits to the full mix later. Leave to one side to cool while you whip up the double cream and icing sugar (actually sift it u lazy bunch – it matters). Take your time doing this, make it flufffyyyy. The whisking, not the sifting.
  2. When the cream is getting thick and holding shape, now’s the time to add your Biscoff. Hopefully by now its cooled enough that it’ll mix in easily, but won’t cause the cream to curdle. Keep whipping until thiccc.
  3. Now you have your basic ice cream mix, it’s time to fill it with some chunks. Add 3/4 white choc chunks or chips and then cut up or crush a handful of lotus biscuits. If you are using ice cream moulds – try not to make the chunks too big or you’ll struggle, a. filling the moulds, b. eating them later.
  4. If you’re using moulds, pour the mix to fill 3/4 of the mould leaving room at the top. Pop these in the freezer for 45 mins.
  5. A few mins before you get them out of the freezer, melt the white choc and slowly add rice krispies so that they’re fully coated (you may not need all of them). Add some more crushed up biscuits and get the ice creams out.
  6. Fill the remaining space of the mould with the rice krispie mix, press into shape without crushing them all into oblivion, then insert the ice cream handle – making sure it’s secure in the ice cream mix below. It should still be soft enough for this.
  7. Return to the freezer and leave to set. You’ll need to take them out 5-10 mins before you want to eat them, so they’ll turn out of the mould and be ready to devour.
  8. If you have leftover mix like I did, or wanted to just make scoopable. You can either make more white choc and rice krispie mix to make ice cream bars like on my previous recipe. (You will need about 100g white choc and 100g rice krispies for this).
  9. If you want to abandon the rice krispies altogether, just pour the cream mixture into a lined loaf tin. I have these amazing little liners that I get for cakes which worked a treat. You can get them from most big supermarkets, poundland etc. They’re such a time saver and hassle free. Fill the tin with the mix and sprinkle over some more white choc chunks, crushed biscuits and melted biscoff (you can never have too much). Swirl it around a bit to tantalise the eyes and pop in the freezer.
  10. Ideally, freeze overnight, remove and leave for 5 mins before trying to scoop.
  11. Enjoy!

I tried to take a pretty video of me scooping the ice cream like all the fancy established recipe developers do. However, I forgot that after years of impatient children trying to scoop a solid rock of ice cream, we’d bent all our nice scoops out of shape and thrown them away. What I did find, was a plastic neon green HIDEOUS contraption of a scoop, which I prompty discarded back into our utensil drawer of horrors. (Have you ever seen that Michael McIntyre sketch about the Man’s Drawer?? That’s our utensil drawer with rogue pizza cutters and pointy objects waiting to terrorise you). I used a normal spoon and it looked bloody awful hahaha. So, just imagine a nice pretty video of me scooping the ice cream x

If you give these a go, make sure to let me know what you think and share a pic with me on Instagram!

Also, I even tried to make a tik tok for this. You do not want to see me dance after years out of the game, nor do I particularly want to stand in my room learning a routine for 6 hours of my life (no shade). I wouldn’t follow me. The experience is akin to your mum trying to suss Facebook for the first time. Slow and painful.

Enjoy, don’t, I’m unfazed at this point I just need another coffee.

I tried to do a tik tok. I feel like an old woman.