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Pulled BBQ Chicken & Homemade Mexican

Unlike a vaccine, which supposedly takes 10 years to trial – I gave this two goes and each time declared it a raving success. So, I’ve decided that it really is a disservice to mankind to not share it.

You’ll be surprised to hear, that pulled chicken is not, by itself, a stand alone meal. So, not one to do things in halves, I have thee here a pulled chicken recipe and homemade Mexican inspo. I feel like such an overachiever at 21:46pm writing this on my third whiskey… Judge me.

So, here we have pulled BBQ chicken, cheesy nachos, spicy rice, lentils, salad, tomato salsa, guac, mixed beans etc. etc.

I can’t claim to have made everything from scratch, I am not a Stepford Wife. For ease and because I’m not a crazy person, I used microwaveable rice, lentils and then canned mixed beans in a fun taco sauce. Look at Aldi trying to be all cute and American.

Originally I was going to do pulled pork, but chicken is around 1/4 of the calories. You’ll hopefully know by now that my thought process is – why waste calories unnecessarily when you can have something just as tasty and get more bang for your buck? Then maybe have ice cream. It’s a win win.

So, for a banging Mexican night (sombreros optional), you will need:

1 packet of chicken breasts (we had a 4 pack)
BBQ Sauce. Bullseye, or the Aldi equivalent.
Limes, multiple.
Smoky BBQ spice mix (optional – we just had one from Old El Paso in the cupboard)
Cheddar cheese
Mozarella ball
Microwaveable lentils (any will do – but Aldi do a beaut BBQ pack)
Microwaveable spicy rice or peri peri
Can mixed beans in ‘taco’ (tomato) sauce
Natural yoghurt
Big tomatoes
Wraps – mini, normal, gf, Lo Dough – whatever takes your fancy
Salt & Pepper (ideally Maldon salt and freshly cracked black pepper)


1. The chicken:
I used a pack of chicken breasts, 4 in total, and popped them in a small glass oven dish with a lid. Either season them with a little salt and cracked black pepper or the second time I made these I had a smokey bbq seasoning pack. If you don’t use @maldonsalt flakes btw you’re missing out. Then I squeezed the juice of a lime and added half a bottle of BBQ sauce. Choose a nice sauce (obviously), I used Bullseye, then its Aldi knock-off that was only £1. Make sure you use a smaller dish so all the chicken can be covered in sauce, without being drowned unnecessarily ? Cook in the oven, lid on, for 2.5 hours on 150-160 degrees. Give it a mix every half hour or so to make sure it’s all coated.

2. Basically, you’ve got an eternity while the chicken is cooking. So, now’s the time to make the guac, tomato salsa and prep the veggies.
The guac:
Mash one avocado, season with cracked black pepper, a pinch of salt and the juice of 1/2 lime. Mix up with some natural yoghurt, creme fraische or low fat cream cheese – basically anything to make it a lil creamier and go a lil further.
The salsa:
I simply chop up big salad tomatoes into small chunks and season with salt, pepper and the juice of half a lime. Simples. You can also add a lil coriander though. I much prefer a simple tomato salsa without involving jars or getting the spices out of the cupboard.
“Sour Cream”
Usually I switch out the classic sour cream from the trio and replace with natural yog. We always have natural yog, but if we buy sour cream we only use a little and the rest goes to waste. So it seems pointless when yog does the same thing.
Prep the nachos:
Fill a shallow dish with a bag of nachos. Thinly slice up the mozzarella ball and add to the nachos. Then cover the rest with grated cheddar. Yum. Set aside.

Other prep:
Mix up some lettuce and spinach leaves and add chopped cucumber.
Dejar sweetcorn.
Lay the table you scoundrel.

3. When the chicken is about 5 mins from being done. Get cracking on everything else.
Firstly, crack the oven to 200 degrees and chuck the nachos in.
Microwave the rice.
Microwave the lentils.
Microwave the mixed beans.
Get the chicken out of the oven. Use two forks to tear it up, but they should literally fall apart. Then stir it all up to reincorporate all the sauce.
Pop whatever wraps you’re using in the oven (or microwave for 30 secs) to warm them up.

4. Get everything on the table and assembled. Salad or wraps. Enjoy.