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Low Calorie Baked Eggs

I won’t lie – I was genuinely a bit shocked with how tasty these were, and how well they turned out.

Standing at roughly 350 kcals for a hearty breakfast, lunch or dinner – this recipe is *insert most cliche phrase I’ve ever allowed myself to use* perfect for all occasions. It’s the lazy chef’s dream. You can simply put it in the oven and leave it. Does it get any more beautiful?

The basic recipe is so easily adapted for dietary requirements (bar vegan sorry guys I just love eggs) and macro requirements, eg. if you need to add another protein source just throw it in there hUnZ!

I’ve outlined the basic recipe below per serving (per person) for ease.

? 2 eggs
? 1/4 courgette grated
? Broccoli – cut into small pieces
? Plum tomatoes sliced
? Mushrooms – cut into small pieces
? 1 tsp low fat cream cheese
? Grated cheese
? Spinach


  1. Beat the eggs in a jug. Add seasoning. I use cracked black pepper and grandma’s salt mix (from tiger & banging).
  2. Mix in 1tsp cream cheese (or more if you fancy it, go wild). Then add the grated courgette, broccoli, tomatoes and mushrooms.
  3. Spray a dish with a little bit of fry light and pour in the mixture. Level out and sprinkle with grated cheese (definitely go wild on this ?) .
  4. Cook for 20 mins at 180.
  5. Serve up with a big bunch of spinach and enjoy!

Food is allowed to be enjoyed. Lockdown doesn’t mean you need to enjoy it any less or panic. I just try to be clever and smart with my choices. I bulk out meals with veggies, or half and half things like potato’s or rice with veggie alternatives and get volume without the kcals. Adding a hearty amount of courgette and broccoli to this dish is a great way to do that.

If you need to add another protein source for #gainz then add some cooked bacon or cooked chicken pieces? Just make sure they’re cooked because they deffo won’t cook properly in the sparse 20 mins this needs. You’ll probably need to add another egg or egg white as well to make sure it all stays together!

Lemme know your thoughts in the comments below or the insta post!