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Biscoff Protein Pancakes

The self-proclaimed queen of pancakes strikes again. And how can you go wrong when Biscoff’s involved.

As always, these are made from my basic pancake recipe of 2 eggs, 1 banana. No flour. No faff. I like to be smart with my calories and the less that’s in the mix, the more toppings we can drown the pancakes in eh. This basic recipe is fool proof and a great way to enjoy something sweet at breakfast!


2 eggs
1 banana
30g Free Soul Ginger biscuit whey protein (or 15g, whatever floats your boat)
Chopped strawbs (I only used 3)
1 tsp crunchy biscoff spread

0% Greek yoghurt
1tsp melted crunchy biscoff spread
Frozen berries
White chocolate chips
1 lotus biscuit
Skinny Food Co white choc sauce (optional)

Is there anything more satisfying than cutting into a thiccc stack of pancakes?


  1. Mash the banana in a jug. I find a jug is the easiest, but a bowl obviously works just as well. Any utensil will do.
  2. Beat the eggs into the banana and then follow with the protein powder. Then add the crunchy biscoff spread. Mix well and then stir in the chopped strawbs.
  3. Coat a pan in spray oil and let it get hot and sizzly. But, drop the heat before you add the mix.
  4. Spoon two dollops onto the pan at a decent distance. Let that sit for 30 seconds and then spoon another load onto each pancake. Slow and steady wins this race. Repeat until all the batter is cooked and your stack is starting to form.
  5. Hopefully by now, you have a full plate of fluffy pancakes and the fun bit begins.
  6. GET YA TOPPINGS OUT FOR THE LADS. Sorry, that was childish. Anyway. Let’s get topping. I always start with a little yog, and closely followed that with a little sprinkle of frozen berries. Then comes the hearty drizzle of melted crunchy biscoff spread (I microwaved it for 30 secs). Finish with some white chocolate chips, sliced strawbs, a lotus biscuit et voila!
  7. Devour.

What I love most about the basic banana pancake recipe it that you don’t have to bother weighing anything and eggs and bananas are staples in our house so they’re always lying about. It’s such an easily adapted base – that you can take your pancakes on any kind of flavour journey.

I tried Free Soul’s Ginger Biscuit whey for the first time in these and was blown away. Honestly, I’m always so impressed by the flavour of their powders. Granted, Free Soul powders are not the lowest for calories, but I used to have a My Protein whey isolate and I’d take the extra calories any day for the flavour. The MP banana one I used to have was rank and I actually had to bin the bag because it went out of date before I’d even made a dent in it. I’ve already stormed my way through a few FS bags, and even my Coeliac mum can get in on the treats!

I think protein powders are such a minefield – there’s so many brands and conflicting opinions (don’t even get me started on supplements). Over the years I’ve tried SO many and hated almost all of them. But, all my friends who have also tried Free Soul, both the normal and vegan products, now swear by them because they work SO well in recipes.

With 40g protein – these pancakes are the perfect morning treat.

If you do want to try the protein, use FSHVROSE for 15% off. And please please let me know if you use my codes, so I can thank you ❤️ And tag me on social if you ever try the recipes!

All our products are soy, gluten and GMO free and unlike other brands, we haven’t bulked up our protein blends with cheap milk powder fillers (MPC).

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