Running my way through lockdown

The year is 2020. March has lasted for a decade, there are lads shaving their hair off, loungewear is the new three-piece suit and people keep challenging each other to run. It’s uncertain times.

Coronavirus 2020 has bred a bunch of runners.

I appear to be one of them.

From training for a marathon walk with my mother, to running two 5ks in my first week – I’m a little bit baffled about how the asthmatic with the dodgy knee got to this point. I mean, it’s probably to break up the monotony of home workouts and the voice in my head that, no matter how much stifling, knows my resistance bands are ironically putting up little resistance to my dwindling muscles. So why not run off my new glass of wine a night habit.

So yes, it seems I have begun running and don’t currently despise it.

I was challenged to the run 5, donate £5 challenge, and not being one to admit defeat, I completed it. It’s the first time I’ve run a 5k in as long as I can remember, definitely post knee-op. I don’t think I’ve ever quite had the headspace to complete it. I’ve often given up when my knee gets too painful or when I feel an asthma attack building, in favour of a swift walk. But, this time was very different.

We’re living in a global pandemic, one of which the results are being likened to World War Two. Hundreds of people are dying daily in the UK alone. It’s quite frankly a terrifying time all round. We’ve all been put on lockdown indefinitely, I’m furloughed from work and we’re being limited to one form of outdoor exercise a day. NHS staff are fighting a frontline battle they didn’t sign up to, unequipped and scared. The least I can do is run a bloody 5k with a painful knee and trying to calm my breathing down – right?

Well, it worked. I did have to stop a few times to regulate my breathing, but that was to ensure I could carry on and didn’t collapse without my inhaler. Weirdly, I enjoyed it. I got a secret glimmer into the world of the runner’s high and I’ll admit I’m a little hooked.

I don’t know how my body will fare. I already have shin splints and the impact of road running on my already dodgy knee might not be great – but I’ve got some targets in mind now.

My first run was around 33 mins, the second 2 days later 30 mins 24 secs. My next one I’ll aim for under 30 mins with a goal of getting to 25mins and consistent running without needing to stop for my lungs. I’ve downloaded Strava and will report back. I also have had a pinch me moment, and will be using Fitbit’s new kindly gifted Charge 4 watch.

Watch this space guys. This lifter has traded bruised deadlift shins, for shin splints for the foreseeable.

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  • Solo Pine
    February 27, 2020 at 8:05 am

    Damage report! I’ve had twelve years to think about it. And if I had it to do over again, I would have grabbed the phaser and pointed it at you instead of them.

  • Solo Pine
    February 27, 2020 at 8:06 am

    Could someone survive inside a transporter buffer for 75 years? Fate. It protects fools, little children, and ships named “Enterprise.”


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