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Biscoff Monstrosity

I’ve been dreaming about bakes like this on lockdown, but with only 3 people in the house it seems a little excessive…

So while I make this cake’s smaller scale siblings for the foreseeable – here’s the recipe for my Biscoff Monstrosity.

Basically, like all of my cakes, I winged this one and I like to think I’ve aptly named my baking #SlapDashBakingWithHannah. I took a basic Victoria sponge and buttercream recipe on a journey to greatness.

By popular demand I rustled up a rough idea of a recipe. It’s super simple and good for the soul.

Life is short, lick the bowl

The Biscoff Monstrosity in all its glory.

The sponge:

2x the ingredients for a basic viccy sponge.
400g caster sugar
400g unsalted butter
8 eggs
400g self raising flour (I used gluten-free as it was all we had, but FYI biscoff contains wheat)

Can 10/10 recommend hitting up the BBC Good Food basic recipe, but beat the sugar and butter first, then slowly beat in the eggs with some flour to make it fluffy and avoid curdling!

The buttercream:

Pretty sure this is like 400g butter, 500g icing sugar and half a bloody tub of Lotus Biscoff UK. Three tiers meant some thiccc icing. But, my biggest tip for icing sugar is to slowly sift in the sugar, mix as you go and taste. Buttercream is super easy, but definitely one to taste as you go. What a shame.

That’s about it folks. Assemble the three tiers, piping between each layer and smoothing over the top tier. Crumble biscuits in a bowl and sprinkle around the edging. Pipe some messy blobs for ultimate rustic appeal, more Biscoff and voila, a big ol’ sugar rush.

Enjoy! And as always, let me know if you make it (or a smaller version!)

Who knew that little biscuit that donned the side of your mum’s coffee all those years ago would mean so much to you now.