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Perfectly Poached Egg

The humble egg. So delicate and versatile. But then us humans come along and poach them into a messy oblivion.

The water boils over, the white goes all foamy, the yolk breaks and it’s just a disaster.

Unlike most other problem-solving remedies, this costs 99p and is a sure fire solution to all your poachy mishaps. I like to call it, white wine vinegar.

Although, if you’re just not culinarily blessed and have an inability to crack an egg without damaging the yolk, just look away now. This will not help you. You’re clearly at the slice of bread sandwiching your face, Ramsey screaming at you. levels.

For those of you with egg-related dreams and the desire to make them happen. Carry on.


white wine vinegar


  1. Bring a saucepan of water to the boil.
  2. Lower the heat to a simmer and add a nice glug of white wine vinegar.
  3. Let the vinegar sit in the pan for a moment.
  4. Lightly run a spoon around the pan, creating a gentle whirlpool. gentle.
  5. Crack your egg and release close to the water.
  6. Give it 4 mins of simmering bliss.
  7. Add it to whatever you’re making. Your avo toast, english brekkie – whatever it may be.
  8. Slice that perfectly poached egg and watch in awe.