My fitness journey

So, let’s start at the beginning. I will try and put together a shoddy timeline of my descent into the weird world of lifting.

Dance days

Growing up I danced for 14 years, from around the age of 4 to 18. I competed for a few years in the latter stages, when thankfully I was a little better and we even cheered for the local football team for a while. Big up Maidstone United. I trained in everything from ballet and pointe, to commercial and street. Dance took up my entire life and the people I trained with were my second family. If you live in Kent, you need to get to know the JAG fam.

Real life hit at 17/18, most of us in the competition group were working and slowly couldn’t compete or cheer any longer. Then moved three hours away to uni in Bath and little did I realise that would basically be the end of my dancing days. I did try to keep it up at first, but there was nothing I enjoyed whilst in Bath, and the uni cheer team made me want to die a little inside.


This is where the gym fell into my lap. I’d been a member of David Lloyds since year 7, aged 11. All three of my brothers worked there at one point and my mum had personal training sessions, but I was a complete cardio bunny.

I met my first boyfriend at uni, and he just so happened to be a personal trainer. It was probably because of him that I got more and more into weightlifting and actually begun to learn how to properly lift. Although I attribute my natural strength to the delights of having to defend myself against three older brothers growing up.

My second boyfriend was also, funnily enough, a personal trainer (noticing a trend anyone?) and was much more into powerlifting. My love of the gym progressed, I even hit a 260kg leg press, just before I managed to completely tear out the meniscus in my left knee…

Knee op blip

A week in a wheelchair, surgery, followed by 5 months in a thigh to ankle metal leg brace and physio meant I was out for the best part of 2 years.

When I broke up with my then boyfriend, a fresh faced graduate back in Kent, I moved to my local strongman gym and have never looked back.

The Evolution

From powerlifting and hitting all new PBs, to strongwoman training – flipping tyres and throwing giant dumbbells above my head – I AM HOOKED. Evolution Gym is my second home and the crazy people that inhabit it are like family.

Since joining I’ve hit PBs in all lifts.

Squat – 145kg
Deadlift – 145kg
Bench – 75kg

I’ve tried yoke, farmers carries, giant dumbbell, tyre flips and the rest. I’ve been planning to compete for a little while but find my knee has been a consistent issue in training.

For now, as I write this in isolation, I’m trying home workouts and it seems I run now… Will keep you updated on my adventures and the journey to regaining strength when lockdown is over!