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Cherry Bakewell Pancakes

Mum and I woke up early this morning for our usual 10 mile river walk. We hadn’t walked the route in ages, as it’s usually quite busy with small paths #socialdistancing. At 7am this morning it was so peaceful and perfect to clear the head.

We have to acknowledge that the longer this lockdown goes on for, the harder it’ll get. But taking time out like this really helps my mindset. There were no distractions, no music, no phone – just quiet. And some ranting with my mum.

I was also in the process of developing this blog, so it was nice to have space to think and breathe.

Anyway, after 2 hours walking – I whipped my mum and I up some Cherry Bakewell protein pancakes. They’re also coeliac friendly, but my mum’s didn’t have the choc because she can’t have that either.

Serves 2.

2 bananas
4 eggs
2 scoops Free Soul Vanilla Whey
1 cup frozen mixed berries

0% greek yoghurt (I used fage)
Skinny Food Co. cherry bakewell and white choc sauce
Homemade granola (see recipe)
Plamil Foods So Free white chocolate chunks
Yoghurt coated raisins


  1. Mash the banana in a jug. I find a jug is the easiest, but a bowl obviously works just as well. Any utensil will do.
  2. Beat the eggs into the banana and then follow with the protein powder. Then add the frozen berries.
  3. Coat a pan in spray oil and let it get hot and sizzly. But, drop the heat before it gets battered.
  4. Spoon two dollops onto the pan at a decent distance. Let that sit for 30 seconds and then spoon another load onto each pancake. Slow and steady wins this race. Repeat until all the batter is cooked and your stack is starting to form.
  5. Hopefully by now, you have a full plate of fluffy pancakes and the fun bit begins.
  6. GET YA TOPPINGS OUT FOR THE LADS. Sorry, that was childish. Anyway. Let’s get topping. I always start with the yog on top and then followed up with a sprinkle of homemade granola.
  7. Drizzle over the skinny food syrups and add the banana. Then finish off with some white choc chunks and yoghurt covered raisins.
  8. Devour.

I’m still not 100% on the cherry bakewell flavour and would have much preferred to make these with frozen or fresh cherries. But, in the midst of a global pandemic, they didn’t seem essential so we worked with what we had! By all means, if you’ve got some cherries to hand – omit the mixed berries for those! Free Soul also sell a berry protein which I think would be phenomenal in these.

All our products are soy, gluten and GMO free and unlike other brands, we haven’t bulked up our protein blends with cheap milk powder fillers (MPC).

Free Soul

If you do want to try the protein, use FSHVROSE for 15% off. And please please let me know if you use my codes, so I can thank you ❤️ And tag me on social if you ever try the recipes!