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Califia Iced Coffee

Lockdown, April 2020. The world has been introduced to three things recently – coronavirus or Covid-19, running, specifically of the 5k variety, and the Dalgona coffee. And while we may have a lot of time on our hands and I, a self-proclaimed non-runner, has run 6 5ks, I refuse to spend ages making a coffee that quite frankly, tastes a bit shit.

So I take your Dalgona and raise you a Califia.


What’s that I hear you say. Well my friends, it is the Bella Hadid to your Gigi. Younger and on the rise.


Califia Farms cold brew almond mocha (it’s vegan!!)
Instant coffee, I use Nescafe Azera
Granulated sugar
Boiled water
Not an ingredient, but a whisk. Please own whisk.


  1. Fill 1/3 of your cup with ice
  2. Pour over the cold brew almond mocha until about an inch from the top
  3. Place 2 spoonfuls of instant coffee, 2tsp granulated sugar and 4 tsp hot water into a bowl. If you want to use a shot of coffee from a machine, just omit the instant and the water and use in replacement – just make sure it’s a very short shot.
  4. Whip the ingredients into soft peaks. Kind of meringue-y. And for the love of god use a whisk. If you don’t own a whisk, I strongly advise you to stop reading and leave your Dalgona coffee dreams behind.
  5. Dollop the frothy mix over your cup of milky goodness. Throw in a Bare Kind metal straw. Must be Bare Kind. The company is owned by my pal Jeff and she’s a beaut little eco warrior doing her bit and we love her.
  6. Enjoy!

The Califia Farms milk was kindly gifted to me, but I spent a lot of time in my office last summer drinking it. It’s vegan and so bloody good!