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Biscoff baked oats

White chocolate and berry biscoff oats to be exact.

These have currently taken the crown for my best baked oats combo so far. But, seeing as I have only been on the baked oats hype for a matter of weeks, I am excited to see where this journey leads. They’re very simple and perfect for a filling brekkie.


? Oats
? Milk
? Frozen berries
? A banana
@lotusbiscoffuk spread
? 2 biscoff biscuits
? 4 small squares white choc
? Pecans
? Dates
@skinnyfoodco white choc sauce

1. Microwave your oats and milk like normal. I usually do 1 min, stir and 1 min to stop them exploding.
2. Mix in a tsp of biscoff spread and add half the banana chopped up and a handful of frozen berries.
3. Use half the oats to fill the base of a dish. Then add a sprinkle of chopped dates and pecans, a few blobs of biscoff, 3 choc chunks whole or chopped up and a crumbled up biscoff biscuit.
4. Top with the rest of the oats. Add the banana and some decor, ie. the last choc chunk and other biscuit.
5. Spray with a few squirts of fry light and bake for 15 mins on 200.
6. Take out, smother in @skinnyfoodco white choc sauce and enjoy!

Give these a go, let me know what you think and share a pic with me on Instagram!

Is the revival of biscoff not the best thing ever?