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Avocado Pasta

I had no idea what to call this, so I hope you appreciate my creativity. There’s nothing like saying what it is on the tin.

This dish is gluten free and could easily be adapted with Vegan alternatives! I actually threw this one together with a lot of leftovers from dinner the previous night and absolutely loved it.


Gluten free spaghetti
Chicken breast
Natural yoghurt
Wilted spinach
Roasted veggies – aubergine, courgette, pepper, tomatoes, mushrooms etc. you know the drill!
And don’t forget the glass of vino to accompany!


1. Coat your chicken in Grandma’s salt mix from Tiger. Look we’ve spoken about this. You need it in your life. If you’re going to follow any of my recipes, it’s needed. I’ve got everyone hooked, including my parents. So, it’s time to cave and join the salty side. Cook for roughly 25 mins on 180 degrees.

2. Roast ya veggies. I always throw in aubergine, courgette, pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, red onion etc. But it can entirely depend on what you have in the fridge / cupboards. Again, sprinkle with a little of the salt mix and a tbsp of oil and pop in the oven alongside the chicken.

3. Bring a big pan of water to the boil and then relax to a simmer. Throw your spagooti in and let it cook, stirring occasionally.

4. Let everything do it’s thing. But, while it’s cooking, get the avocado at the ready. Slice open and remove the skin. The best way I’ve found it to put the avo face down on a chopping board and slowly remove the outer shell that way. It keeps it in tact and then you can slice it up all pretty. Once the skin’s removed, put 1/4 to the side for decor later and mash up the rest in a bowl.

5. Add around 2 tbsp natural yoghurt to the mashed avocado and then season with a little salt and cracked pepper. I swear by Maldon salt flakes. The quality of your salt genuinely makes a difference. Put this ‘sauce’ to the side.

6. By now, your pasta should hopefully be nearly done. Before you pour that water away, chop up some broccoli and add it to the boiling water. This is the uni student economising on dishes here. Let that boil for 5 mins.

7. Drain the pasta and place it into a pan, lightly heated on the hob with a bit of frylight. Add the avocado mix and heat through. Remove the veggies and chicken from the oven. Slice up the chicken and add both to the pasta mix, along with a little cheddar and the broccoli. Ensure everything is heated through.

8. Plate up the pasta. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds and some grated parmesan. Top with the 1/4 avocado, sliced thinly and flared out.