10 Things to do in Lockdown

Things to do in lockdown, to intersperse between zoom quizzes, Netflix and the dreaded home workout. 

1st April 2020. 
First day of furlough. 

I sat at what was my makeshift work from home desk, and mapped out a plan. I need routine and structure to stay sane. Projects and things to focus my mind on. If I don’t I waste time and this precious time is not something we will ever have again. 

I am fortunate, but not ignorant. This is an incredibly tough time for most. Lost wages, businesses, livelihoods and simply – lives. Among everything else. However, at this moment in time I am grateful to say my family is all healthy and safe. I do not take that for granted. And it is because of this, I feel I cannot waste my time. 

It is a luxury for me right now, to receive 80% of my wages to not work. At least, I’m making it a positive. There has been no other time in my life where this has happened, and I hope there won’t be again. Because of this, I want to maximise it, whilst not being a crazy person. 

I want a balance between fun projects, learning new things and staying busy – but also resting, relaxing and enjoying time at home. 

So, here is a list of things that I want to do whilst at home, and perhaps you may want to do also.

To do:

  •  Daily workouts – if you want some suggestions, pop me a DM!
  • Online classes – for me I’m going to look into marketing ones
  • Read that book shelf!
  • Learn an instrument – I know we have things lying around in the loft if I want to try
  • Bake – please no more banana bread. Why not experiment and recipe create!
  • Cook lush dinners – BBC good food is an easy and affordable place to try
  • Clean and organise. Everything. – bedroom, car, kitchen, house, loft
  • Get creative with crafts – macrame plant hangers, painting, drawing, typography etc.
  • Write / blog (woo finally!)
  • Learn yoga and stay nimble – my goal is to get back into splits.
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