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Wagas-inspired ramen bowl

We all love a fakeaway – and this lil beauty is a healthy and simple take on a Wagamama ramen bowl.

Like most of the meals I make, I’ve kept this as simple as possible and have used as few ingredients. Making homemade versions of your fave restaurant foods shouldn’t be that difficult. It’ll never taste exactly the same, but half the fun of going out to eat is not having to cook or clean up as it is! This is just an easy way to make inspired dishes for the family.


1 chicken breast pp.
1 bag of stir fry
Red pepper
Rice noodles
@knorruk Kaffir lime and ginger broth


  1. As always, coat the chicken breast in Grandma’s Salt and pop in the oven for 30 mins.
  2. About 25 mins after it goes in, get started on your stir fry. Add a bag of pre mix to the pan and follow up with mangetout, red pepper and lightly steamed broccoli. You won’t want to fry them for long to make sure they stay crisp.
  3. Soak your rice noodles in boiling water, or however they suggest cooking and mix up the Knorr broth with more boiling water.
  4. When the chicken is done, slice it up and throw it in the stirfry mix.
  5. Fill a deep bowl with half of the rice noodles and pour over the broth, splitting evenly between bowls.
  6. Then fill the bowl with the chicken stir fry mix and mix it all up together.
  7. That’s literally it, told you it was easy. Chicken stirfry ramen bowl. Yum.