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Vegan Caramel Peanut Butter Cups

Move over Reeces. These vegan beauties may just blow your mind.

I basically made these on a whim after finding some excessively tiny silicone cupcake cases. It appears I bought them in my baking heyday and quite obviously, they rarely got used. Let’s be honest, no one wants a cake this sized.

Each month I am kindly gifted a Degusta Box and I cannot remember life without it. In February’s box, my PR box came filled with Galaxy’s new vegan chocolate bars to try.

I’d heard mixed reviews about the Galaxy vegan bars, so I approached them with caution. I tasted a square before launching into this recipe and can confirm – it’s divine. I don’t know who’s giving it bad reviews, but, you’re wrong.

I wanted to get creative with the bars. I’m not vegan and eat meat, but I do try and eat vegan and vegetarian options frequently and limit my intake of animal products. I also have a lot of vegan friends, so I know that good vegan recipes without a thousand obscure ingredients go down well.

What could be simpler than two.

My vegan caramel sea salt nut butter cups in all their glory


1 bar Galaxy caramel sea salt vegan chocolate
Some crunchy peanut butter… Like 10 dollops…?
10 silicon or paper teeny tiny cupcake cases (try to invest in silicon if poss as although it’s plastic you can reuse forever)


Makes 10 small ones.

  1. Melt the chocolate slowly in the microwave, checking and stirring often so you don’t burn it.
  2. Pour a tsp of the liquid gold into the base of each cupcake case
  3. Drop a dollop, or roughly half a tsp, of crunchy peanut butter into the centre of each case on top of the melted choc. Make sure it’s as central as possible to avoid it spilling down the side and showing through.
  4. Pour another tsp of melted choc over the peanut butter to cover it and merge the sides together.
  5. That’s kind of it. Told you it was simple. Just pop in the fridge until they’re solid, turn out of the cases, sprinkle with a little Maldon sea salt and devour. Or take a load of photos like this idiot.