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Lo Dough Breakfast Tart

Low calorie breakfast tart anyone?

I made this for my parents and I the other morning and it was incredibleeee. I had to make a coeliac-friendly version alongside it for my mum – so this recipe serves 2.


4 bacon medallions
1 Lo Dough
4 eggs
tbsp low fat cream cheese
Sliced plum tomatoes


  1. First thing’s first, cook the bacon – I cooked mine in the oven for extra crisp. I also swear by bacon medallions for a leaner cut with fewer calories.
  2. Roll a wrap between the two sheets it comes in, to flatten
  3. Line a circular baking tin with the Lo Dough wrap as a base and spritz with spray oil
  4. Beat together the 4 eggs, tbsp of low fat cream cheese and some seasoning (Grandma’s Salt as always).
  5. Fill the base of the case with spinach, sliced tomatoes and mushrooms. Then add the chopped up bacon once it’s cooked.
  6. Pour over the eggy mix to fill the tart and sprinkle with cheese. If you want it to be even lower calorie, use Eat Lean protein cheese.
  7. Bake in the oven for 30-40 mins at about 180. But keep checking on it around the 30 min mark. I popped this in, went for a shower, got ready for work and it was all done by the time I came back downstairs!
  8. Turn out, slice in half and devour.

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