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Homemade Sushi Bowl

Sushi bowls are wildly underrated. It’s not something I’d go to regularly, but when I do I love them. The store bought options can often be expensive, and making sushi rolls are often more faffy than they’re worth. A sushi bowl is the perfect compromise. Teamed with a steaming cup of miso soup and a store-bought seaweed salad, you’re onto a dinner winner.

Hands up if you live for Yo Sushi Blue Monday.
This one’s for you.

For an avocado and smoked salmon bowl.


Sticky rice kit
1 avocado
Pack of smoked salmon
Store-bought seaweed salad
Itsu miso soup
Sesame seeds


The bowl isn’t rocket science and if you get yourself down the kit section in Sainsbury’s you’ll find most of what you need in terms of the sticky rice and miso soup. Basically, all I’m sharing is assembly….

  1. Make your sticky rice. Each packet will have a different method, but it’s pretty much the same as normal rice – so give yourself a good chunk of time.
  2. Whilst your rice is boiling, slice your avocado thinly and roll up some salmon
  3. When your rice is done, boil the kettle ready to make the miso
  4. Fill your bowl with sticky rice, assemble the sliced avo and smoked salmon rolls on top, followed by a generous helping of seaweed salad. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and then dowse in low sodium soy sauce.
  5. Mix up your miso soup and if you have some spring onion kicking around, chop it up and add in
  6. That’s about it folks. It’s easy breezy and tastes delicious. Sorry it’s not a thrilling recipe, but hopefully it sparks your imagination!